Monday, July 15, 2019

Women problems? Asshole Epstein, Sargasso Sea, Nazi's

This dude has severe woman issues hate women much?.

Fucking disgusting The party of family values? My ass it is.

Climate change fertilizer causing a massive bloom stretching from Africa to Mexico.

Nazi analogies fit where they fit, re-inventing the CAMPS.

Woohoo! My portlight doesn’t leak!

After two frustrating repair attempts my port light does not leak on my shoulder while I sleep.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

No comprehension, hypocracy most depraved and government sanctioned culling:(

A good theory on the Orange Mans illiteracy, Cannot comprehend what he is reading

A sick fuck, one of many, the wealthy have their own rules,

Sanctioned cullin, killing animals is killing animals

Our Auto Pilot

This is dumb, as it can’t communicate with any device, but strong as a bull, auto pilot. We love it.

reliable steering.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

You don't need gas chambers when neglect works as well, look at how Anne Frank died, very little outrage.

A huge thanks to, for the below link(s)

"we are better than Buchenwald is no a justification for concentration camps a shitty thing is still a shitty thing no matter how you label it

And here in a nutshell,is why America is where she is today,, Imagine 30 million voters like her and she is just average. AVERAGE! that means there are like 15 million voters more stupid than her...GET THE FUCK OUT, AND VOTE BLUE!!! Signed, the rest of the world, (Except Russia and China because you are now weak with stupid leaders).

The world is hopeful America can pull out of this nosedive...Except for Russia and China because of the sheer stupidity of the elected and appointed leaders makes America weak and stupid, oh so very stupid.

Cheap things to have for long distance cruising

A camping egg container. Hard plastic (Ooo, I know plastic) for storing eggs. Not needed in North America, but elsewhere, where the eggs are not washed, they will store un-refrigerated for over two weeks on the counter. So I have been told. My dozen eggs don’t last me 4 days as I am a voracious egg consumer.

My cholesterol levels are awesome.

Zip-loc bags, ALL sizes! From sandwich sized to store and transport cell phones, medium sized ones to transport ipads and/or tablets and giant ones to store precious chart books. Buy boxes of them!

Ask us what has happened to our ipad and one or two cell phones....And a DRL camera, though we had no bag around to contain that camera, R.I.P.

That’s it for now.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Beau, Brin, and vampire bats

From the Fifth Column; a nifty set up, where he uses BBC WW2 scenario to explain America today.

David Brin, Author of The Postman, has this to say; don't push decency, or decency will push back

The wife and take a night time swim in our resort and marinas pool and tonight we were dive bombed by a bat, don't know what genus but this species; vampire bats, is super cool. Oh, and a possum walking by the pool freaked my wife out.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Retirement Plan, Florida injustice, Panama canal rate hikes

A wall didn't stop this; Wall, what wall?

Floriduh: give me a break!

Panama Canal transit hike; $$$$$$$  
Chasing an over heating engine

Finally got around to taking apart our exhaust system to see if there was any build up that would account for the Mighty Perkins running hot. There was. Not a whole lot, but enough to make some back pressure that would impede the cooling system from working properly.

To clean the hardened soot and carbon is going to take elbow grease, a screwdriver and wire brushes. This will be tedious, sweaty work in this Guatemalan heat. Oh, I also broke the gasket removing the exhaust elbow.

The barbs that the exhaust hose slid on, connecting the elbow to the muffler were corroded, still serviceable but in the next year or two I am going to have to replace both items $$$$.

Getting the get up and go to get up and work is hard. This heat just beats you down. Two minutes in and you’re a pile of sweat, glasses slide off your nose and tools slip in your hands.

After I get this done, I want to remove the injectors, put a few drops of oil down the cylinders and turn the engine over by hand to free up the piston and any frozen rings, after all, the beast has been sitting idle for 9 months now.

On the plus side, I found a program that allows the laptops Linux system to download books to our 2 kindles. With over 4000 books on the laptop it is good, and I mean really good to get some of them on an easy to use platform we both can use. I am reading “The Forever War”.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Funny masculine clips, suspicious, and a great shame

Ha, men caught up with themselves,

Gulf of Tonkin part II, very convenient.

Wow,what a great speech, Jon Stewart 9-11 speech

    I am an incompetent boob when it comes to technology. For example, I just replaced our raw water strainer with a larger one and took photos of it.

     I have no idea how to get the pics from the phone to this laptop so I can then upload them to this blog.

     When I do figure it out, watchout world!

Friday, June 7, 2019

A horrible report, something good under attack and oops

    This is just awful, murdered and missing aboriginal women

     Snopes under fire, Help!

     If you want a job done right, don't blame an intern, Freudian slip?

     Ran out of sealant for the portlightes so we have to order more from Lorena's, a fantastic hardware store at the concrete mall here in Rio.

     Bought a used, but larger capacity sea water strainer for the engine. Its base was damaged so I am going to rivet on an aluminium mounting plate.

     Still helping a boat buddy trying to get his Perkins going. It's fuel. It's always fuel.

     So much work. So much heat. So little stamina in this heat.