Monday, March 22, 2021

Rio Dulce, Guatemala, anchorage.

 It has been a looong while since I added anything here. 

Passed through two hurricanes, and three weeks of extreme flooding.

Waiting for a weather window and heading towards Mexico.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pandemic, Guatemala boat and marina pictures

I think it's much more serious than governments are letting on.

Dinghy after the nights rain...

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Making fresh water, destroyer of the ecology, fuckin virus

This is too cool for the cruisers in your life, No power required water maker. Power consumption on a sail boat is everything. We sailors are power misers by necessity. A good story about chasing an illegal long liner fishing boat asshole of a fishing boat.

Day 11.....or 12 of the quaratine. Time melds. This is going to last more than a month. I will be satisfied if even takes a year. I expect this is way worse than what we are being told, and we are being told it is bad. I would be extatic to be wrong about that.

We decided to stay put in Guatemala even before the borders were shutdown. We felt it way safer than going to an (shudder) airport anthen boarding an (double shudder) virus incubating aircraft. I'd rasher lick a toilet seat on a cruise liner, (just kidding there).

Guatemalan congress is kicking around the idea of extending the quarantine another 30 days. Which is a damn fine idea for our species.

the wif is starting a minor food bank to try and aleviate some hardships of the hardest hit families, I know, a drop in the bucket, but hey, it's something.

Some locals grumbling about foreigners, so I figure they must subscribe to that hate filled propaganda machine, Fox News. Low IQ, low information people know no skin tones I guess.

There is an idiot yank down here who want the wall bigly. He has been living here in Guatemala for years. He has the self awareness of a dog licking its nuts in public. He has since scurried back to Florida, and recommenced his public nut licking. Some people.

All in all the hardships have not been all that horrendous, but as a fromer hospital worker, I know on bad bus crash can cripple a hospital, let alone a pandemic.

We wash, we clean, we have a bucket of soapy, bleachy water and everything gets wipes down before it goes below. We will survive.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

A nuclear power plant on a barge, Brits have the hugest balls,

Nothing can possibly go wrong here, nuke power plant floating. Don't get me wrong, I believe in nuclear power, I just don't believe we have the technology to safely handle it in ALL conditions. Some bad ass British civilians handling of a terrorist on a London Bridge right here, Narwhal tusk and fire extinguisher subdue murderous terrorist, and shitty human leavings affect sea life, Ghost nets.

We (me) gave up on our rib, repairing constant leaks, so we bought a nesting dinghy. It need work but it will never deflate.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Brainwashed stupidity, Gay conversion founder outs himself, surprise! Martial Law.

Idiots, Truly dumbasses., the more rabid you are adverse to something, chance are you are that something The i hate gays, department, but look at me, I'm actually gay!

     Third day of martial here in Guatemala. Soldiers were killed, others captured and tortured to death. Wife saw the pictures and is pretty fucked up over them.

     It happened around El Estor, a mining community near Rio Dulce. But it seems it wasn't the environmentalists protesting the nickle mine, but perhaps cartels doing something stupid.

     Not sure if it is related but the newly elected mayor of Livingston and his sister were assassinated five days ago. More news to come.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dengue fever, U.F.O's in B.C., More border deaths

This is very bad, Outbreak declared in the Philippines, the news nobody sees, tin foil hat brigade? Or not! and sadly,more death because, well, border patrol, at least 12 deaths.

Just finished helping a friend align his engine and a new prop shaft.

Making canons with another friend 16 year old son so we can attack a Guatemalan castle on their Independence Day. Second year in a row for us. We are scheduled to lose, be boarded, and two dedicated crew to be removed and "interrogated" by the Spanish Inquisition. Great fun had by all.

The two prisoners are local high school boy who can barely contain their excitement!

I have trouble finding the motivation to work on my own boat.

Making canons is fun.

Go figure.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Critical essay, Epstein once more (gag), murders in BC

Where is the aloe? a severe blistering of the G.O.P. Stop calling Epstein a sex offender, He's a child rapist. This is just plain bad, 5 murders that may be connected, edit: 3 murders, the two missing teens are now prime suspects; been missing for a week and spotted in another province. They will be caught. Update on those asshole teens, look at me, I got gunz, I am tuf!

Not exactly boaty, but it is over the English Channel, Yeah! Personal jet packs are finally here department.